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Modern approach to new restorative materials in dentistry

While the materials available for direct restorative procedures have changed little over the past 25 years, the number and types of materials for indirect restorations has grown almost exponentially. The new materials are not only esthetic, they are helping to advance the philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry and in this regard, they necessitate a change in tooth preparation techniques. This course will provide you with up to date information and intensive practical hands-on experience in preparing teeth for the most widely used restorative materials today, including monolithic zirconia, translucent zirconia, multi-layered materials and lithium disilicate for conventional and adhesive crowns.

Topics include the selection of preparation technique best suited for each of these materials, including minimally invasive preparation techniques such as micro chamfers and vertical preparation. Which burs should you use and which ones give you the smoothest finish? Non-rotating preparation devices and methods will be discussed. A method to reline temporaries to obtain perfect margins and healthy tissues will be presented. A review and update of information on cements and cementation protocols for each restorative material used today will also be included. Which cements are the best? And should you bond or cement? How to bond to zirconium? Participants will be taken through the step by step procedures for each cement and material.

Course content

– Material selection

– Using silicone guides and mock-ups to control preparation

– Cements and step by step cementation protocols for veneers

– Provisional fabrication for single and multiple teeth

– Soft tissue management

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